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"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in. I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me."

Matthew 25:35-36 NIV

The Bible commands us to share the gospel throughout the world.  The goal of the Missions Ministry is to obey His command, not only through words, but through our actions and deeds.  Our Missions Ministry is the arm of the church that ministers to people in need so that no one may suffer.  We make known and share the love of God, and introduce and bring all souls to Christ and His Kingdom. 

Every 5th Sunday is Missions Sunday at Solid Rock, preceeded by Missions Weekend Saturday when a community event is held to focus on a specific area of ministry.  Lead by Sister Joan Adams, the Missions Ministry is organized in the following areas:


Evangelizing to the lost by sharing the gospel as commanded in Matthew 28:19, Our evangelists and ministers go out and share the word through bible studies and series teachings to grow the body of Christ.


Our purpose is to ease the burden of lose on any member of the church or community by helping individuals through their time of grief.  Mother Myra Porties leads this ministry to give a word of comfort, and support and guidance to help with this life transition.


Members of the Prison Ministry visit and collect donations for those that are imprisoned.  Sister Velecia Johnson is a member of the Kairos Prison Ministry, which ministers to women incarcerated in the state prison system.


The Outreach Ministry reaches out to the surrounding community in an attempt to identify groups or individuals lacking in spiritual or physical needs.  All members of the church and Missions get involved to organize activities to reach and attract those that may need spiritual guidance, purpose, or direction.

Sick Visitation

When a member becomes incapacitated, this ministry is there to visit them and provide companionship so that no member might feel alone or abanded.  Sister Sabrina DuPard is the contact person who will ensure no member goes without during this time.


Headed by Sister Sheila Wells-Laws, this ministry watches over the seniors in the church, by calling, visiting, running errands, and providing ride service and accompaniment for appointments if needed.  Senior activities are also planned to help provide seniors an active life in Christ.

Food & Clothing

Every 4th Saturday of the month from 12:30pm - 2pm, we distribute food and clothing to anyone in need.  Donations to this effort are accepted at the church whenever the church is open.  Everyone is welcome to come out each month to help and to fellowship with the community.

Foreign Aide

The Missions Ministry has undertaken to assist a family in a foreign, under-developed country to help the family to meet day-to-day living needs.  Sister Joan Adams who leads the Missions, keeps this area of ministry active  through her contact with Red Cross.

Relief Panel

No one should be overwhelmed by life.  No matter what the situation, the Missions Relief Panel can provide relief in some form or other through the Intake Process. Assistance with documents, referrals for in-house or outside counseling,  and other types of needs is available.  You may direct inquiries for this form of assistance to Sister Joan Adams.


This ministry ensures that whoever needs transportation to and from the church is covered.  Every member of the church is free to offer up space in their vehicles to pick up and drop off members in need.  Sister Doretta Michael coordinates volunteers willing  to help out by proviiding a ride or by donating a MARTA pass for a member in need.


Through our Home ministry, our purpose is to provide home care assistance to any member of the church where assistance is needed.  Sister Sabrina DuPard coordinates this ministry to make sure every home is covered when the need exists.

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