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Ushers & Greeters Ministry

Psalms 84:10


Ushering is the art of making the members and visitors feel comfortable, and of lending spiritual dignity to the whole church service.  The goal of all ushers at Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church is for every person to experience a joyful worship, and we make every effort to ensure nothing interferes.

Senior Ushers


Youth Ushers

Our Senior Ushers, comprised of the adult ushers in our ministry, serve every Sunday to meet the needs of the pulpit members and congregation. Currently led by our President, Sister Crystal Butler, our Senior Ushers are always ready and willing to do what it takes to help every individual who steps into the church before, during, and after services.  They also serve at outside functions and events that Solid Rock has a part in.  Ushering is not only an art, but also a calling.  Our senior ushers have been faithful in serving God through ushering for most of their lives.

Our Mothers, Deaconesses, and Ushers serve as Greeters to welcome every person that steps through the door for our 11:00 am Sunday Service. Every person is greeted with a warm handshake and a hug.  No one goes unacknowledgeded, or will ever be passed over when they step through the doors.  We at Solid Rock realize that sometimes all it takes is just a hug and a friendly hello to remind a person that no matter what they may be experiencing in life, when they step into God's house,  everything is going to be alright.

Our Youth Ushers serve every 4th and 5th Sundays.  We realize the importance of training the next generation in the art of seving others, so every child age six or above who say they want to usher is welcomed and given the opportunity.  We encourage  parents to steer their children to the Usher Ministry as a first course in serving, and for the discipline and commitment the ministry teaches and demands.  The Youth Ushers are under the watchful eyes and care of the Adult Ushers, who greatly appreciate when parents allow them to serve.


The Ushers Ministry meets quarterly as called for business meetings, training, and fellowships.  We welcome any member, and visitor, who might be interested in joining the ministry to let us know.  If you have the Spirit of Christ, and the gift and willingness to serve, click here to contact us. 

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